Monday, January 24, 2011

Pre-Christmas 2010

I wanted to share this with you all in December. DECEMBER. It's now nearing the end of January, but hurray! I finally made time last night to SIT DOWN alone and upload picture after picture to the blog. Yes, I'm keeping up with my pictures on Facebook (so IF you wanna friend request me, feel free), but I find it so hard to upload (aka time-consume) to blogger and then explain things the way I really WANT to explain (and tell).
So forgive me.
So I've mentioned that both my girls are freaked out by the Big Man in the Red Suit (Santa?). Well, every year, our daycare provider, Elaine, has Santa visit her Christmas party. And every year, Keifer has rejected the idea of sitting on his lap. This year was no different. Until........

Papa J. and Elaine were taking THEIR picture with Santa, so K1 decided to hop in and hold on tight to Elaine!
The after effects of this? She decided sitting NEAR him in a chair might just be OK.
And she eventually whispered to him about her dreams to own a cash register and a guitar with a microphone. I have to say,I was beaming about this!
The girls and some of their friends they play with everyday
Is it Rudolph or Keifer? Hard to tell.
And little Miss Kyla, so proud to be wearing that red dress. She loved that there were puppies on the dress, as well as on her tights. Love this child.
The girls had a blast celebrating at Elaine's again. They sang songs, took turns avoiding Santa's lap (except for Brandt!), and each were honored with a gift from both Elaine and Santa! Of course, when my girl didn't receive a cash register or guitar with a microphone, she promptly burst into tears, sobbing on my lap. I felt so bad, but had to explain that this was just Santa's helper and that the REAL SANTA was still coming soon, and I'm SURE SHE WOULD receive the gift she wanted so badly. *Talk about pressure, huh?*.
We all enjoyed some yummy pizza, the parents enjoyed chatting and then it was time to go.

And that, my friends, is the brief recap of the party that we all enjoyed.

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LutherLiz said...

So bummed we missed the party. Looks like a great time! :(


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