Monday, January 24, 2011

Christmas Day & more

This was our tree, Christmas Morning, with the presents from SANTA all wrapped and ready to be tore open.
This is the look or PURE JOY on Keifer's face when she opened up her guitar and microphone set.
This is Kyla, clearly not caring that there were presents. What are those? All she wanted to do was turn on the movie Corduroy!
Keifer exploring her new cash register- and yes, Kyla got her own register, as well! That Santa! He knows about everything! We've realized that we have to be careful with the paper money, as we've found out that Kyla will throw them away, crumple them up or heck, just draw on them!
A proud, beaming BELLE at Nana Dian and Papa Dale's house the next day. She was overjoyed to receive such a Princess dress (and Belle doll, the Beast/Prince doll, stuffed Belle,and the hardcover children's book of the story).
Rolling around on a blanket with your face on it is jut too fun! Or, as Kyla put it: "Baby, baby!"
The girls had a jam session with cousin Aubrey
The next day, visiting /celebrating at my brother's house. His girlfriend's son, Wyatt, is Keifer's little beau. They have the exact same birthay (he's one year older) and the same love for Justin Bieber. I'll post some video clips of them acting out/dancing to "Baby" by him (Keifer pretending to be the girl in the video, Wyatt the boy). Ahh, quite the sight. These 2 ran around the house for hours on end, screeching with delight. They adore each other and I love to watch.
OH, an isn't Wyatt's attempts to grow his hair out like Justin adorable?
Three little monkeys, climbing on the couch
One monkey, pretty pleased to do it by herself
Dying to open presents!
Keifer checking out the book that Mama made for Wyatt- it's all about Wyatt and Keifer's adventures together last summer (in photo book form). That's Auntie Steph with Wy-guy.
Whew. We had so much fun. We also got to run over to see a friend of mine and her kiddos, and the girls had a blast! Christmas for 4 straight days in our house! It was insane, and it was crazy, but it was fun. And although I'm glad it's over for the year, Keifer still insists on listening to Christmas songs, especially the Glee Christmas album, and talks about all the things we'll do NEXT year for Christmas.

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