Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa = Scared!

Guess what? We're on our way to the mall in Grand Forks, ND. We visited the mall during our Thanksgiving break up at Nana Margie's and Papa Jim's house!
I'm so 'cited to see Santa. I want to tell him that for Christmas,I want a : new cash register, a pink guitar and a microphone up to here *pointing to chin*!!
Kyla doesn't know where we are headed, so she's just along for the ride!
OK , Mom, enough with the pictures! I know I'm cute!
Quick pit stop at the Sam's Club to check on a few things. You see the 2 figures in the top right background, in the blue and greenish jackets? Yeah, that's Daddy & Papa Jim drooling over new big screen TVs. we are at the mall. There is NO LINE to see the guy in the big red suit! That is pretty unusual, considering it's Black Friday and the mall is a zoo!
Wait a minute- where did Keifer go? OHhhhhh, that's her, the girl who ran as fast as she could the OPPOSITE way of Santa, and and screeched and hollered that she didn't want anything to do with him! *sigh*
And then this is Miss Kyla. Man, I wish we had this scene on video! Kyla Whitney- all sure of herself. Sauntering up to see Santa, without looking up at who she was walking up the slanted walkway to. Then: she looks up. She sees the man with the big white beard, and she slowly starts to walk DOWN the slanted walkway, backwards, away from the stranger. Even the lure of a candy cane held NO appeal to this 18 month old girl. *sigh again*
Ahh, well. Better luck next year, right?

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