Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow fort fun

Yesterday, I picked the girls up after work. I stripped Kyla out of the snow suit she was tromping around outside it. She got in the car, and picked up her favorite (of the moment) book: Mr.Brown Can Moo, Can You?. The girl loves cows.

So why Kyla was mooing to herself and pointing at pictures.....
I waited a few more minutes to let Keifer finally enjoy the fresh air outside in the snow fort she helped Elaine and her friends make at Daycare.
Sliding down the wall. Apparently she was rolling around in the snow and told Elaine, "I'm having so much fun outside!"
That is so good to hear. Unfortunately, we've had such cold weather, the kids haven't been able to get out to burn some energy off!
Elaine with some of her kids. Baby Goat (Luther Liz's son), Keifer hamming it up, and Mazzy
Afterwards, I told Mazzy's mom I should've left Kyla in her suit and got her pics in there with the group. Then, we could've sent Hanna Andersson a picture of our girls, as all 3 are modeling different snow suits from them!

1 comment:

darcie said...

Your kiddos go to the same daycare as Baby Goat?
I didn't even know you knew them!
Small world!
Looks like a fun place for daycare that's for sure!


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