Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Apples & Pumpkins

It's that time of year again; that time when everyone you know is posting pictures of apple trees and hayrides and their kids picking apples and sitting amongst pumpkins, looking all cute. I wouldn't be a part of the crowd if I didn't do the same thing.
So, without further is the Soupie family outing told in pictures: our adventures at a new apple orchard and the pumpkin patch!

First off, it was a mere 2 years ago this month that I found out I was PG with Kyla! I cannot believe how fast the 2 years has gone by! Two years ago, I had a 17 month old that was just finding out that she would be a big sister: the exact same age that Kyla is right now! It's really unbelievable to me that Keifer was THIS AGE when we knew I would have Kyla. Wowza.

Anyhoo, we took Keifer to an apple orchard with my friend Courtney, and her family, 2 years ago. I had dressed Keifer in the same apple outfit that I saved for Kyla to wear to our latest apple outing! Yes, I'm that dorky mom that loves it! Here are a few pictures of that fun day that we had with our little pumpkin head, picking apples and munching on them within the orchard!

Now, two weekends ago, CJ and I packed up our girls and headed to a newer (6-7 years old) and nearby apple orchard that I had heard good things about. Keifer was excited beyond belief to get to the orchard ("is this the orchard? is this the way we turn?"), and Kyla had no idea what we were taking her to do!

"Cheese" in big sissy's old apple outfit!

So excited I can't pose for you! I'll just scream through this plastic lid!

The first thing Keifer did when we arrived was run straight over to the bales of hay that were stacked up high and climb right to the very top. It was a VERY windy day when we were there!

Kyla literally had no idea what to do with herself. She didn't want to sit in the hay and just wanted to be Miss Independent and survey her surroundings, and walk around (alone!)

Big sis spotted the kids' riding tractors and decided that she should escort her little sissy to the shed to pick one out for herself

While Keifer geared up to ride her tractor, Kyla decided to cruise the yard

So excited to be riding the tractor (one of her very favorite things!)

Kyla picked an apple! (well, Mama did, but she was so thrilled!) Remember THIS VIDEO??? Yeah, she was obsessed with the apples being balls, so holding an apple = a beloved BALL to our dear Kyla! LOL

Keifer reminded us to "twist and pull" when picking apples! I think she learned that at Elaine's!
Side note: she is so beautiful (sigh)

Another highlight for Keifer was being able to hold the bucket for the apples!

My favorite picture of the day: just a girl with her daddy!

We introduced Kyla to pumpkins and boy, did she have fun! She thought they were for bouncing on! LOL
Here is a video clip (here) of her bouncing away!

At the pumpkin patch, later, Kyla was drumming her little hands on all the big pumpkins she came across.
We always like to chant "dum ditty dum ditty, dum dum dum" like one of our favorite books, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb

Super model pose- wind provided for free! Keifer trying a pumpkin as a stool!

Keifer was thrilled to find this old, dried up corn stalk amongst the pumpkin patch, and insisted on carrying it back to pay for it. This picture was RIGHT BEFORE she turned around to say something to me, and backed right over 2 pumpkins, feet over head. It was quite comical to all of us!

Here's a corn stalk!

Plunk the girls on a hay bale and insist they look at you and say "cheese!" LOL

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