Monday, October 13, 2008

A is for Apple: a teaser while we wait for "The Call"

Saturday, CJ, Keifer and I went to an apple orchard with Courtney, Kyle and 6 month old Aidan. We had a ball. It was hot and sticky (read: sweaty), the hornets were out and freaking me out, as were the ladybugs - or are they the Japenese beetle bugs? Anyhoo. Keifer had a wonderful time,and I have MANY pictures to share, but thought I'd just share a few while I sneak on from work quickly.

I had my 2nd BLOOD TEST this AM. I am waiting for "the call". Six (yes, 6) pee sticks later I am apparently still PG according to the HCG in my urine. Let's hope that remains true in my blood *deep breaths*

K chomping on one of MANY apples she picked up/off a tree in the orchard fresh picked apple: *chomp* Mmm, was it good!
two super cool gals in their shades
I think most of my excitement was my being able to dress K in her apple shirt and leggings! LOL

1 comment:

kristine said...

Very cute! We dressed Graycen in her apple shirt when we went last year. Too bad we didn't have one for this year, though.


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