Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's carve some pumpkins

The next step after you go and find pumpkins with your kids is to introduce them to the CARVING of the pumpkins into Jack O'Lanterns! We decided that this past Sunday was a great time to introduce the girls to this fun tradition.

Kyla picked out her pumpkin! (It's not a ball, sweetie!)
Keifer & Daddy searched high and low through the pumpkin patch for just the right pumpkin!
Awww, what a great big pumpkin! Too big for us, though!
Keifer was a wee bit excited to carve!! Daddy was sharpening the knives with the electric knife sharpener, and K1 was shirt and pants-less due to a spaghetti lunch!
Carving Kyla's "baby" pumpkin- Mama decided to make it happy because Kyla is always so damn smiley and happy!
So cute with happy moon eyes, a heart nose, and a big ol' grin
Keifer very matter-of-factly told Mama that SHE wanted to make a pumpkin with an "ANGRY" Face! Grrrr! She was happy with what Mama drew on the pumpkin....
Ta-da! Pumpkin sisters complete!
But guess what? After Keifer made her stamp of approval on the faces to be cut, she could've cared less about the actual Carving and scooping out the pumpkin guts. Hurmpf. Whatever, Keifer!!!

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