Friday, August 13, 2010

TIME, is not on my side

What to say? I apologize. I have so much to share about what is whirling around in my head- the thoughts on MANY books, some movies, some songs, some kids' activities and on the many play dates and fun trips we've taken this summer so far.
However, I have no patience for the uploading of the pictures, and my husband has no patience for watching me type if little ones are awake (and I shouldn't when they are awake, even if I've been with them every second and every minute of the day...........) and then night time comes and I want to decompress and just SIT. Sit and read. Sit and veg out, mindlessly, as I prepare for the next day.
Soon, work will be started by me again. Uggg. Work. August 30 is not coming slow enough, or is it coming TOO fast? Either way, I'm not happy or looking forward to it. I love my summer routine, of playing with my girls, many trips here or there in our mini van and walking the dogs every AM. Sipping my home made chai tea latte at home, while I try to wake up, and make myself hit the gym if the girls are at daycare (2 of the days they go during the week).

Soon, I promise.........I have many pics to share, and soon I will descend upon you the wrath of TOO MANY PICS! You will be tired of them! LOL

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