Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday with Words: Look Who's Walking!?

She started exactly 5 hours AFTER Mama left last Thursday for a long Girls weekend out of state! Of course! Notice 1) she won't let go of her shoes, *good girl*, and 2) Miss Sassy Sissy in the background? LOL

She is a mini-Frankenstein, but oh so sweet. Pretty damn proud of herself, too. She carries herself very carefully- must have learned that from a rambunctious older sis, no? :)


Jody said...

well congratulations Kyla!

Jeni said...

Hooray big girl!Yikes they grow fast don't they? Welcome to the world of two walking children - it can be terrifying :)

DaisyGal said...

OH my goodness, look at you big girl!!!!
Oh Carrie that just brings happy tears to my eyes...what a gorgeous little girl!!!

Nada in Australia said...

Go Kyla!


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