Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just like YOU, Sisssssss

The time is here. Kyla is in full-on love mode with her big sister. The minute she hears Keifer's voice or sees her upon waking or when she (K1) re-enters a room, Kyla lights up like a tree at Christmas, and starts crawling as fast as she can to greet Keifer. If she happens to be in her crib, getting changed in the AM, when Keifer says hello to her, Kyla says back, "hi, Sisssssssssssssssssss". It is the sweetest thing. Of course, we're really the only ones that probably understand the "Sis" part, as it sounds like a snake hissing. But- we know it's meaning :)
Keifer has proven to be an excellent and caring and HELPFUL big sister from the get go. Yes, Kyla is getting into her things more frequently as she becomes more mobile, but we keep reminding her she has to TEACH Kyla to stay away or that Kyla just loves her SO much, she wants to do everything just like K1 does! This seems to help (for now) and so far,Keifer is a huge help in trying to comfort and entertain Kyla.

Yesterday, Keifer was "writing" notes for a neighbor girl, so Kyla wanted to write just like her!
"Whatcha doing, Sis?"
Attempting to scribble with this colored stick just like K1
Keifer helping Kyla with her morning bottle upon waking. She always wants to try and hold Kyla on the couch, but Kyla wants nothing to do with that- and lets us all know that!
Sissies playing together- sooooo sweet!
"Here, Kyla, you can have that one" ~ and the sweetest thing is, that Kyla has been sharing everything she has (toys, food, bottles) with us at every chance she gets. She thinks it hilarious when we take things from her, say "thank you", and hand it back to her.
check out Kyla trying her hardest to figure out HOW THE HECK to put on K1's sandal yesterday


Wendy and Karen said...

They are so cute together!

DaisyGal said...

Oh those pictures and story made me tear up....look at those beautiful girls...together. It makes me sooo happy.



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