Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mama's gifts

This year for Mother's Day, I had the chance to pick out my very own gift. I'm not one for wearing much jewelry- it's actually a job hazard (as I work with small children, and lots of grabby hands and physical activity can be dangerous!). However, although I have some gorgeous necklaces already, I was yearning for a more personalized necklace that was unique, had my girls' names on it, and could be something that was simple, yet could be dressy if it needed to be.

Someone I know had mentioned Lisa Leonard Designs to me before, and I had admired her work in a Parent magazine as well.
I searched and searched, did online voting, friend voting, and co-worker voting. In my heart, I thought I knew which one was THE ONE I wanted, and my co-worker Leanne sealed the deal for me. She and I seem to see things on the same level and I made the decision and had CJ order it up for me!
This is the necklace I ordered, with Keifer & Kyla's names on it. It is simple and beautiful. I have loved it since I opened it, and Keifer absolutely adores when I wear it. She likes to read the names to me, and spell out the letters. Kyla has also expressed great interest in trying to pull it off my neck! HA!
**Disclaimer: I received no compensation or free products for mentioning these products. **


Jonathan and Tara said...

Pretty necklace! And I love K1's shirt. Bailey has that and it's one of my favorites this year.

JM said...

Cute! I have a similar necklace that has all my boy's initials. Skyler calls it my "boys" necklace and always wants to know where it is if I wear a different one :)


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