Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kids: sick and honest

Monday, Keifer complained of a headache and a tummy ache. After a good nap that day, she seemed to be in great spirits, so I thought maybe it was just a headache and a fluke that her tummy hurt, too. Hmm. We had just gotten done with dealing with Kyla having diarrhea for over a week straight, and Kyla having an ear infection diagnosed on her birthday. I wondered if perhaps our K1 girl was getting sick, but she SEEMED to be OK after her nap at Elaine's, so I took her to meet up with our Ballroom friends, Mandi/Dani and Melissa/Mazzy. The girls had a ball playing on an outdoor playground, sharing a picnic and then playing inside an Indoor climbing park.

On the drive home, our girl was fine. She chomped on her new favorite thing, "chewing" gum (as she calls it) and read some books in the back.

We got home, and told Daddy she had a headache and wanted to go to bed. We gave her some medicine for her headache (non-name brand, of course), and within 10 minutes of her climbing into bed and falling asleep, she came out of her room. As she was walking DOWN the stairs towards me, crying, "Mama, mama", I began to meet her halfway up. As I did so, she started to gag, and promptly threw up all over me, the stairs, my hands and arms AS I TRIED TO CATCH IT (in my hands! What was I doing?), and herself. We were both soaked with vomit and I don't know who wanted to cry more: me or her. Vomit is NOT my thing, people. Seriously. The smell of it? as well.

So I hustled her into the shower, hysterical, and we got ourselves cleaned up while Daddy tackled the stairs (and did an amazing job, yaya CJ).

Then, as were were showering, Keifer says to me: "Mama, why is your tummy so big?" (it had some serious bloat!) I said "because mamas sometimes have a little extra fat,but am I still pretty?" she paused, then said "you have pretty toes!"

She is a very keen observer of details, like painted toenails, doncha know?

The very next day, I took my last sick day I have available and stayed home with our girl. She seemed to be herself, and while I was trying to do some things upstairs, she even managed to give herself her very own "tattoos" - coloring both sides of her ENTIRE legs, front and back, completely brown and her feet, TOPS and bottoms, black. Ahhh, she is creative as well.

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