Saturday, May 29, 2010

How to celebrate a 1 year old's birthday

We've been super busy in the Soup home. Last Wednesday was K2's 1st birthday and we had a great time celebrating, despite her ear infection. Mama and Daddy also got out that night to see Daughtry in concert (rock on, whoooooo), and had a great time.
Thursday, Kyla had her daycare Birthday party at Elaine's house and was just delighted to have everyone sing to her again. The girl likes to be sung to! LOL. The kids enjoyed their mini-muffins, and Kyla actually REFUSED her first mini-ice cream cone! Big sissy took over for her! Elaine gifted our girl with an adorable little alligator push-toy and a new book. She loves them!

Friday, Nana Dian and Papa Dale picked the girls up at Elaine's house early, and Keifer was beside herself with glee. I got home and they were busy playing, playing, playing. Of course, Keifer hadn't napped- she is refusing to nap for us no matter what we try these days. Yet she still naps for Elaine each day with no problems. Hurmpf.

Don't you love big sissy K1's party dress?
Saturday CJ and I cleaned house (with Keifer assisting- the girl loves to pretend vacuum and help mama dust with the swiffers), and Daddy did some Birthday party errands. He picked up our cake/cupcakes and food, and then everyone napped! HA! Uncle Corey, Abby and Mason came over for the party- with my parents, and Us, it was so fun. Nana Margie and Papa Jim were unable to join us, but luckily technology has helped in that aspect: we Skyped them during the "singing" of our party and they even had party hats and a special sign for Kyla! LOL. Once again, Kyla was beaming- just think sunshine beams- when we sang to her. She wasn't sure what to think of her cupcake, but managed to get really full of green frosting, so she must have enjoyed it. AFter a bath, I bathed her and changed her for her presents. Uncle Darren (my brother), his girlfriend Steph and her 4 year old son, Wyatt, joined us, and were there to witness the opening of gifts. Our girl was spoiled rotten, as always.

Keifer & Wyatt, sitting in a tree.....or actually taking a break from squabbling over the harmonica or whatever toy they each had in possession.......
After everyone calmed down, CJ and I took K1 over to the hotel where Darren and Steph (and Wyatt) were staying. It's the same hotel that we had K1's 2nd birthday party at- it has a fantastic kiddie pool- one that parents don't even need to get into! The kids had a blast playing in it. At one point, Keifer actually came over to CJ and I and told us she was tired and ready to go home. UNHEARD of. After some pizza,she was ready to swim/play some more, and we did manage to get her in the shower, and home without passing out, which was what we thought would happen.
Sunday AM, Nana and I took the girls to church, and afterwards stopped at Stride Rite to get K1 some new tennies. She is hard on her shoes, and with her wide foot, we need a good shoe that fits right. Nana also splurged on some new sandals for Kyla girl, as she is cruising around the furniture and should be taking some steps here eventually!

Darren, Steph and Wyatt were at the house when we got back, and we all had lunch and the kids played together some more. Or should I say fought? LOL. Those two are very similar in headstrong personalities, despite having huge crushes on each other. Saying good bye to each other was also a competition, as Wyatt hugged K1 first, making her pissy that she wanted to hug HIM instead. So she did, to his dismay. Then they growled and made faces at each other and said their good byes. LOL.

Whew. What a weekend and birthday WEEK!


Queen Bee said...

Great pics! Those girls are so darn cute...can't wait to make a playdate for the summer! 3 1/2 more days!!!

Laura said...

What great birthday fun! Kyla is so sweet... I love that she loved all the singing. :)

DaisyGal said...

AWESOME...loved all the pictures, she is such a beauty!!!!!! I love my birthday and I love that she adores all the attention sista friend.

Daughtry..ROCK was it?

and I have something for Kyla...will get it in mail this weekend I SWEAR. She has to wear it this summer...too cute to keep on my dining room table.


JM said...

So much fun! I love the cakes and cupcakes, very cute :) I am sure that will be the first AND last time Kyla says no to ice cream. Least if she is anything like my kiddos :)

Wendy and Karen said...

Happy Belated Birthday! What a beautiful girl and family!


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