Sunday, May 09, 2010

Keifer's 1st Dentist Visit!

This past Saturday morning was a HUGE momentous occasion for us: Keifer went to the dentist for the FIRST TIME! **cue audience cheering and clapping wildly*

She was so excited! So excited, in fact, that she woke herself up at 5:15 that AM screaming and crying, "I don't want to go to the dentist"! Ahh, yes, the nerves were jangled, for sure.
We managed to calm down upon later waking, and after reading Dora the Explorer's book, Show Me Your Smile, which we've owned and read for months now, our girl was ready! She was ready to get her teeth counted and cleaning and flossed!

Papa Dale came with me and my K1 girl, so we were really doubley excited over that happening. He chose to stay in the lobby, but that was OK. Mama was a big ol' sap and took pictures of the whole visit for our girl to look back on with pride. Here goes:

The dental assistant, Pat, came and retrieved us from the lobby,and brought us back to the cubicle where the big event was going to happen. Pat did an excellent job of showing all the tools and the chair to Keifer, explaining sweetly and slowly exactly how everything was going to work. I used this time to also use the Dora book to compare how this was just like "Dora!" (and the office staff LOVED this book and everyone commented to me how they needed that book in their office!)

Our big girl, ready for the dentist to come check our her smile!
Pat puts a special vest on Keifer, so she can take Xrays of her teeth. Keifer was very curious and asked LOTS of questions to Pat, including, "why are you wearing gloves? Why are they blue? What are you wearing on your face (the mask?)"
Letting Pat clean her teeth with a special toothbrush! "It tickled!"
Pat flossing Keifer's teeth
Personally, I think the Xrays are SOOOO cool! You can see her baby teeth in the front, and then her bigger, permanent teeth behind them! Awesome!
The dentist and Pat told us that Keifer (so far) has some good spacing her mouth, which means MAYBE we might have a good shot of not needing braces when her bigger teeth grow in. We shall see when the time comes.....
After Pat cleaned and flossed K1's teeth, she was waiting on the dentist to come and check them, and asked "what are you going to do next?"
The dentist checking out our girl's teeth. Keifer had to touch her blue gloves. LOL.
Keifer and her new friend, Pat, after our visit. She was so awesome with Keifer! What an awesome visit and YAY for having healthy teeth, Keifer! On the plus side, she HAS gotten VERY good about making sure she brushes 2 times a day with her new toothbrush from Pat. Hopefully that will stick with her longer than a few days!

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JM said...

Such a big girl, I am impressed! Looks like she did an amazing job, and fingers crossed for no braces :)


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