Sunday, May 09, 2010

11 Months! Kyla is 11 Months!

A few years ago, there was an 8 month old named Keifer Lynn who wore Mama's favorite band of all time's logo for her monthly picture. This sissy, though plump and BABish (Big Ass Babyish), has grown into a thin, long and lean excellent big sister. Her baby sister, Kyla Whitney, is now finally starting to fit into this onsie and has been allowed the opportunity to model it for you- here in her belated 11 month pictures and story.

Keifer Lynn in her rocker glory: Rocker Baby 1
Introducing Rocker baby's younger sibling, Kyla, debuting at 11 months
More months on a girl means more teeth to model!
She seems a bit unsure as to the correct smile
Here is Rocker baby 1 ALL grown up - wanting to make sure Rocker baby 2.0 is coming along OK. Notice Rocker baby 1 is still rocking out with her "rock star" dress (as she calls it, no lie). Is it any wonder that Keifer's top played song on Mama's Ipod these days are "So What?" by Pink? I think not.
Hey, kid: you'll poke your eye out!
Kyla: At 11 months old, you can now: Crawl (for a week now).
Eat like a crazy woman-but are still testing out lumpy/chunky textures.
Babble and can say "nana, mama, dada, and la la always try to imitate sounds.
Smile all.the.time. People actually comment on it all.the.time as well. You are "one happy baby" so they all say. Yes you are! All you know is love- you are a lucky, happy baby who feels nothing but joy surrounding your being, so of course you are happy!
You usually sleep well for us.
Love your sister. To pieces.
You love Elaine's house. You love Elaine and Papa Joel. Papa still calls you "gabby" because you babble so softly and often.
Love to eat books instead of look at them and love to shake mini-maracas. Can now put the ball in the hole of the Dino toy and your favorite destination is either the play kitchen food or the dollhouse that is off limits. We just had to put the dog bowls upon the counter for fear of you flipping the wt aer bowls or eating dog food. You are on the move and fast since you started crawling!
Oh, how we love you so, Kyla! Our precious girl!


Nada in Australia said...

Too Gorgeous! My 3 year old Goddaughter loves the same song by Pink!!

Heather said...

So cute!!!! Wow does time fly! Our boys turned 11 months at the end of April.


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