Sunday, April 25, 2010

MOA w/the crew

Last month, my parents and I took the girls to the MOA to meet up with our longtime family friend, Bryant, and his family- Sara, Cameron and Cooper. We've met up with them several times; in fact, Sara and I were PG with Cooper and Keifer together, although she had him a few months prior to Keifer's big debut. Here is a snapshot of Keifer's FIRST meeting with Cooper and his family. Keifer and I stopped by their house a few months ago, but this time, the kids got to meet up at the Nickelodean Universe and enjoy some rides together, before we ate out a yummy Mexican dinner.
Here's a funny Keifer-ism that she said to me before we left for our get together: I had just returned from getting my hair cut and colored, and so I told them all that I would just run upstairs and change my clothes,and we could leave.
Keifer asked me: "mama, when you are done changing clothes, then we are leaving for the Mall of the United States of America?". *(get it? Mall of America? How smart is my girl? LOL)*
Loving on Papa Dale before we leave
Sissy love
Our first stop was the Merry Go Round- Papa agreed to go on with Keifer- although she still prefers to sit vs. riding on a moving horse (and notice she is a chewer? She loves to chew her clothes!)
Mama was NOT a fan of this ride: "Deigo's Rescue Rider" ~~ it went up and around in the stomach can't handle these types of rides anymore! It's hard to believe I used to be THE biggest thrill seeker on rides- the bigger, the better; my, how age has changed my body! LOL
I initially thought Keifer was scared of this ride - Oh, how I was wrong- her quietness was one of PURE JOY- "I like this" she told me as we were dropping down.
While Mama rode this with K1, and Bryant rode w/his boys, Kyla was meeting Sara and admiring her tasty bling-bling.
Then, it was Papa and Sara's turns again on the Balloon Race ride. Keifer adored this ride, too!
Too bad nobody likes a baby. Ha. Bryant got HIS fill of Kyla, and played a gum teasing game with her.
We ate dinner out,and afterwards, Cooper and Keifer were "hanging out" in their strollers while the adults chatted.
The most ADORABLE line - up- I love how Kyla is checking out Cam and he seems to be swooning over her. LOL. And WHEN did my Keifer girl start to look so OLD? She looks like a little girl in this picture *sob*
After dinner, Papa agreed to go on Diego's bus ride again with Keifer, to her delight. Mama couldn't handle it after dinner.
Kyla hanging out in her big sissy's hand-me-down clothes. How pretty is she? *sigh*
And for old times sakes- here is KEIFER in this outfit. Man, how this girl makes me laugh!

That's all,folks. More dropshot video clips of our afternoon/evening with our friends can be seen here:

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Piccinigirl said...

Oh my , those pictures have me smiling so much my FACE hurts! I love the two shots of the girls in the same outfit. Keifer is just too much!!!!
I love her "thoughts" she is such a cutie and Kyla,,well she is a dollie.

Love the girls!!!!!!


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