Tuesday, April 06, 2010

IPhone Dump: Part 2

Iphone Dump, Part 2.
Taken while shopping on a Saturday about a month ago. Target and Sam's Club- K1's favorite stomping grounds. Can my girls GET any damn cuter? I think not. Look at this baby: pure perfection in her face. *sigh*

She is so cute- she holds onto carts and her strollers when she rides -it's so cute- like she's on a ride at the fair or something!
These sissies are in LOVE with each other
Do you know it is next to impossible to get 2 young girls to look at your camera at the same time? Yeah, it is.
But we managed with ONE picture. One.

Trying to pose, but not quite there....
Thanks for looking!


Heather said...

Precious pics! They are so cute.

Piccinigirl said...

soooooo cute, OMG, they are beautiful!


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