Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Iphone Dump: Part 1

I got this idea from JM over at A Little Piece of Perfect. Perfect, I thought, I can dump the uploads that CJ sent me to my blog to share the awesome pictures he's taken of our girls out in public! What did we do before technology? Hmmm. Hard to believe I almost didn't believe I could ever like a digital CAMERA back 5 years or so ago.
Here's some fun pics:
Keifer enjoying her first ever RING POP that she got at Uncle Corey's hockey game back in February
Enjoying said ring pop with cousin Mason
When Mama was on her mommy-cation in Utah in January, Kyla got a tattoo on her cheek at Elaine's house, and daddy wanted to share.
Who is this SMALL girl? Oh my. It is K1 prior to leaving our house for the State Fair back in early September. We took this for our "in case we lost her" picture. Man, she looks so TINY to me *sob*.
She also looks JUST like her daddy here. Scary.
Cheese ball.
OH! I LOVE these! These were from last AUGUST! I forgot he took these! These were from the first time we walked to our local ice cream shop (our town has the 'down home' feel to it) and daddy mistakenly forgot to ask for K1's cone in a CUP! LOL. Oops, making a BIT of a mess here

Our girl enjoys chocolate ice cream; what can we say? :)
This was from some time when we visited the Food court at the Mall near our home back in January. Gangsta Keifer girl.

To be continued..........


JM said...

Ha, it's funny you mention this because I was just thinking it's been a while since I did one of these posts. My new camera phone is awful though, so I haven't taken many. Your girls are the sweetest!

Piccinigirl said...

they are CUTIES, I love the pics of K1...she is getting to be such a big girl, that I have to admit I like seeing the pics of her smaller. Where are our babies going?


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