Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My apology...but....

More to come SOON! I promise!
My entire week last week was spent w/2 sick girls- high fevers for days on end, coughing, Keifer was diagnosed with Pneumonia in her right lung on Friday, as well as a repeat DOUBLE ear infection, and Kyla (who was clear on Friday) was diagnosed on Sunday (EASTER) with one ear infection and has "Wheezy" breathing.
Mama was home all week last week on break (thank GOD I was on break) w/the girls and the weekend (Easter) was not a "fun' weekend by any means.
However, both girls on are meds and on the mend, and mama will hopefully get to allllll the stories and all the pictures I have been meaning to share.

In the meantime....my new favorite show is Parenthood, have you seen? I laugh, I SOB, I love it. I especially love how it deals with the sensitive special needs son issue and in a realistic way (in my humble opinion).

Keifer has 4 days until her 3rd birthday, she got a new haircut (again) - CHOPPED! Mama is thinking it's too short, actually, and Kyla is growing and jabbering up a storm.

More to come SOON!
Mama is also INSANE at work, as I stayed home yesterday with my Kyla girl- aka snot factory- and today is nutso after reentering reality!


LutherLiz said...

hmmm, that somehow sounds familiar :) except only one kid but no break. I hope you guys are feeling better.

Wendy and Karen said...

Happy (almost) Birthday darling girl!

JM said...

Sick kids and a third birthday coming up. Lol, are you living my life?


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