Monday, March 22, 2010


The weekend was crazy, as Daddy was gone with Uncle, whooping it up downtown St. Paul at the college hockey tournies. Mama stayed home with K1 and K2, and Papa and Nana came down to help out. It was a fun weekend, but very busy! Mama also got her hair colored and cut, and we spent the rest of Saturday at the MOA playing with our family friends, which you'll see soon in pictures.

Yesterday, when Daddy got home, mama escaped for some "down time" and saw Crazy Heart. Very well done movie, and although it's not a pick-me-up type of movie, I really enjoyed it. I also (surprisingly to myself) really loved the soundtrack.
Meanwhile, at home, Daddy was not lucky, as K1 refused to nap, but he was a trooper so mama could go enjoy a movie and do some errands.

If you haven't seen Crazy Heart, try it. Jeff Bridges did an amazing job, and his Oscar win was well-deserved.

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Piccinigirl said...

that was some weekend!
I can't wait to see your hair...or Crazy Heart now. :) thanks for the review.

happy Monday


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