Monday, February 01, 2010

Funny phrases and new teeth

*Kyla is getting her first tooth! My baby is growing up! Although she has been chomping on her fingers for what seems like forever, we noticed the little inflamed tooth bud along her bottom gum line (in the middle) on Saturday! She continues to chomp away on anything and everything, her favorite thing being Board books right now, but so far, isn't too cranky about it. I did notice she seems to have a bit of a diaper rash, same as big sis would get when SHE was teething, so I knew teeth were pending.

*Kyla also called out for "Dada, dada" in the middle of the night last night! I think it's a sign that she wants daddy to come and give her a bottle, don't you?

*Kyla is making 1) the coughing sounds in the back of her throat, 2) new squeals and growls that are hilarious, and 3) imitating "la la la" back to Elaine, and at home. It is so much fun when she is making these new sounds. Here, we thought our 2nd born baby would be more quiet and passive as compared to big sissy. Ha ha ha. She is proving us wrong. I think her goal is to now KEEP UP with the amount of chatter that Keifer does on an HOURLY basis! Her big sissy is her idol: she is constantly gazing at her while we drive anywhere in the car, and cranes her neck to look for her the minute she hears Keifer's voice.

*All weekend, Kyla continued to roll around, to her frustrating despair. She kept getting stuck on baby toy apparatus, but it is so exciting to watch her growing and exploring her world! She has also begun to KICK KICK KICK her little legs wildly when we lay her down in her crib. She is beginning to turn into a handful while changing her diaper!

*Keifer's been saying some hilarious "grown up" things as well. This AM, I forgot to put my wedding ring on, so we turned the car around so I could go retrieve it. Keifer said, "Mom, it sounds like you have an idea emergency!" (aka Imagination Movers). (I, of course, didn't think it was THAT big of a problem! LOL)
Also this AM, when I said something to her about tonight after work, of course I blank out on WHAT exactly I said, she told me, "that sounds like a really good idea, mommy!"

*I was out of town last weekend. I was visiting a friend in Park City, Utah, and I had CJ drive me to the airport and drop me off while the girls were at Elaine's house. When they got home, Keifer knew I had left, but when she saw my car in the garage, she got really confused. She asked CJ, "where's Mama? Is she at the airport? Did she walk to the airport?". Makes sense, really, since my car was still at home, right? All weekend, she kept asking first if I had walked to the airport, and then once she finally "got" that I had taken an airplane far, far away, she told Chris that she TOO could go "up in the air" on a plane, and don't worry, "she would hold on tight!". I think she imagines we are all standing up in/on the plane? She also seemed to think that CJ's truck could somehow fly as well!

*While I was gone, CJ and Keifer made a game of searching for a puzzle piece that has been missing for months. They tore the living room apart, and apparently, Keifer was very complimentary to CJ about his "good job" he was doing searching. It was another "idea emergency" looking for the piece.

Later, they went to visit Auntie and Uncle and while driving over, CJ was prompting Keifer on teasing Auntie Jill about "Go, Vikings" , as she is a huge Packers fan. (This was the day before the huge Vikings/New Orleans game to determine who would journey to the Super Bowl). Keifer started out repeating the phrase, but after awhile, she told CJ, "Daddy, you need to stop! You're giving me a headache!" LOL. Where she got that, I have no idea!

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DMB said...

Very cute stories (as usual!). Love the airplanes one. Makes sense to me!



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