Friday, August 24, 2007

The Coughing Cowboy sound

Here is a pic of our girl today - covering her ears in her sleep, after the fur kids' barking bothered her. LOL. Notice her stylin' baby legs? We love them!

You'll recall I just wrote about Keifer's latest sound, the "cough" sound she is making, on a daily basis at this point. I'll hear her in her crib in the morning when she wakes up (after a blessed 12 hour sleep period, hallelujah), and when I go in to get her up, she'll smile and me and start "coughing" that back -of-the-throat sound at me. I wonder if it's because her name is "Keifer" and she hears that "K" sound all the time? *random thought there*.

Anyhoo, I work with speech clinicians at my job - as I am an Early Childhood Special Education teacher, and I work with a LOT of kids that have speech/language issues. After working with them for so many years, I start to sound like them to other people sometime, when I talk about speech development. I asked my friend/co-worker, Mary (hi, Mary!), if this was a "guttural" sound, and she said, yep, I was right. She then reminded me that our other friend/co-worker, Rozanne, would call this the "cowboy" sound in her speech/articulation phonology group. I laughed and emailed Rozanne the news, that my little Keifer, at 4 1/2 months old, is making the wonderful "cowboy" sound, and she wrote back. I giggled my butt off reading her reply, and just had to share it with you (thanks, Roz!).

I'm so happy that Keifer has her cowboy sound as it will be a very important sound for her. I would hate for her to say her name was "Teefer" or that you were "Terry"or her daddy was "Tris" or that her last name was _______. Nice work on stimulating the sound. Be
careful or you'll be a speechie soon!


Kristine said...

I love the sound. It's super cute.

Wendy & Karen said...

Good info on the coughing sound. I'll keep it in mind for Kylie.

I love the picture of her holding her ears. She's so precious!

And her tights are so cool. I want some!

cynner said...

That pic of K is so cute!


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