Friday, January 08, 2010

7 months (almost a month late :)

Dear Kyla Whitney:
I hope you will be gentle in forgiving your mommy, who has the memory of a gnat these days. Your 7 month birthday was last month, and as usual, things/time got away from me and I blanked on getting your pictures up on the blog.
I was never this bad in posting your monthly updates with your sister; but, don't fret. You are the second child, but you are never second in our hearts. It is so true that as a parent, you have so much love to share between your children. I never understood how that could be, but now I know. My heart could just explode with the amount of love and tenderness I feel when I think about/look at or see you. I love you to the moon and back, and then some, dear child. I honestly could just eat you up!

You are the sweetest, best-dispositioned baby. So many people comment to us that you are so damn sweet. Yes, you are. You smile and coo and entertain yourself so much more than I want you to. I WANT to be able to be at your side, 100% of the time, but as the second child, you won't get my 100% undivided attention. Not with a diva older sister who demands an audience at all times. But you just roll with it, and you smile and giggle at her, as she takes my attention away from you. You forgive me so immediately, with that sweet, beautiful smile.
You are starting to reach for my face when I put it near yours. You reach out with both hands, and you cup my face in your hands, and I swear you are trying to hug me. How could you be? But I think you are. You smile and your eyes light up, and I know my love for you is conveyed through my eyes, and through my energy that flows between us.

Oh, how you LOVE to jump in the jumper! Your little feet go flying off the ground and you just coo and giggle on and on and on! It is so funny to all of us to watch you get seated in the contraption and then take off with your giggles and laughs. Jump, jump, jump! However, as much as you love to jump, you absolutely HATE tummy time and aren't sitting up yet, much to mom's dismay. You aren't really rolling over, either, and that has mommy worried. Mama's co-worker told her that babies that are born via C-section don't experience the gravitational "pull" of gravity that most babies get coming through the birth canal, so therefore your vestibular system may not be as strong. That might explain your resistance to sitting up and rolling, and quite possibly, your delay in crawling and walking (much like big sissy? Hmmmm....). It doesn't make us worried that anything is WRONG, I am just anxious for you to meet your milestones, when really, I should just relax, right?
You are communicating all the time with us. We'll say something to you and you'll make vocalizations right back at us! You find us to be so silly, especially your older sissy, and you seek her out the minute you hear her voice! I know it's just a matter of time before you will be chatting away like your big sister, and right now, I'm treasuring each new sound you make.

You are starting to eat rice cereal with veggies and fruits, and you are doing OK with it. Initially, you did not want anything to do with the taste of fruits or veggies, but as long as they are mixed with the cereal, you seem to be fine. If the cereal is too thick (not watered down enough) you gag and cough, and spit up. You seem to be sensitive to plain old veggies or fruits, so you might have a future sensitivity to tastes? We'll see. You are doing so well with the sucking reflex now, I'm not too worried. I'm so proud that you are eating as well as you are!

As always, pictures with you are a delight, as you find us all to be so entertaining. Your big sister had to jump in to "hold you" because she thinks you are as magical as you think she is! I so hope and pray that relationship and admiration for each other grows as you both mature!

big hugs from big sissy
Keifer's attempts to take the picture with the camera
here you are: our 7 month old! Over half a year old *(sniff)*

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