Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shopping and friends

A few weeks ago, *OK a month ago, wow!* Keifer, Kyla and mommy made a trip to the MOA to meet up with our friends Roxy and her daughter, Eva. We haven't seen Rox or Eva in quite some time, so the MOA is a perfect halfway point for us girls to meet, shop, and have lunch. Keifer, as always, was so excited to go shopping, and did well in the stroller with Kyla, where I made her stay due to the MOA having a Scrapbookers convention (consequently every hallway was filled to the brim with hyped-up scrapbookers!). Eva was so thrilled to finally meet baby Kyla, and Kyla was happy to be held, loved on, and snooze away as we walked the mall.

The standard "pose" picture of the girls -all pretty in pink! Roxy and Eva admiring Kyla
We thought the girls would enjoy meeting Dora at the Nickelodeon Universe, which is the huge indoor amusement park in the center of the MOA (this used to be Camp Snoopy). Keifer has just recently taken an interest in Dora, and has just started watching a DVD of Dora that she received for her Birthday in April. Keifer agreed that Dora sounded like fun, but once we got up close and personal with Dora, K1 froze. She would not come out of the stroller and appeared star struck. She waved at Dora, but didn't even crack a smile. Eva decided she would say hello to Dora.
After the meet and greet, we walked around a bit and then we hit Hanna Anderson because their snow suits were on sale for $20 off their original price. Keifer had her snow suit from there last season (we LOVED IT) and was in need of a new one for this winter. We measured our girl up (she's now 100 cm), and figured out which one to get (this one). Keifer and Eva were walking around the store trying on hats by themselves, which was pretty darn cute.
Keifer found this hat, plunked it on and proclaimed, "Mama, I wear hat like daddy has!"
It was darling on her. If only it wasn't so pricey. Ha.
I would LOVE to see CJ in a hat this style (hee hee). Future runway model? She looks so old to me in this picture *sniff*

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