Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taking care of bab(ies)

A few random stories and pictures to share with you of some of the things we do in the evenings at our house.

Usually, our day ends after work with Mama picking the girls up at Elaine's house- and loving all the smiles and hugs I get. Keifer is always excited to share the project of the day, and to tell me what she did with her Elaine.
We drive home, usually singing along to one of K1's musical choices, and hoping Kyla isn't wailing in her car seat. The poor baby just isn't too keen on being stuck in that seat.

We get home and I strap the kids into the double stroller. Well, I should say, I strap Kyla in and Keifer sometimes sits in the side seat and sometimes decides to walk "like a big girl". Then, I hook up the pup pups for their walks and we're off! We do the "loop" around our housing complex, and we are always hoping that Keifer's buddy Hayden and his mommy are out in their yard playing. Hayden is about 6 months older than Keifer and his mommy is PG with another baby, due any day now. Keifer and Hayden are two peas in a pod- when they see each other they shriek each other's names and then run around the yard, usually playing with Hayden's fun toys. Mama chats up his mama, and then Kyla's wailing to get out of the car seat prompts us along our walk.

If we don't see Hayden and his mommy, we usually try to do the Loop walk in one sane piece. Mama tends to get a bit cranky dealing with two dogs pulling in two different directions, which means 2 rope/chains being pulled and possibly getting tangled on either the stroller or hitting K1 in the face/body. K1 is usually prancing around or dinging around in her seat in the stroller and of course, the girl cannot be quiet, so we're always chatting or singing. Kyla is sometimes OK, but lately have been howling to get out of that blasted contraption that keeps her down and unable to see what is going on!

We get home, prep for dinner and mama usually resorts to turning on some Movers for K1 to watch while I get dinner started and sometimes feed Kyla a bottle. The puppers are usually playing or happily chomping on their nylabones, happy because we are home . When daddy gets home, it's literally a wild rumpus of activity- shrieking, barking and sheer craziness. Lately, Mama has been trying very hard to cook/prepare some very healthy meals, as she is on a diet, trying to shed the excess baby poundage that won't go away on it's own.

Mama has been trying super hard to get to the gym at least 2 x per week and once or twice on the weekends. Daddy has been good about letting mama go, and leaving him in charge of the girls at home. Mama REALLY needs that time to decompress after a busy day and to help her recharge her batteries - as WELL as attempt to get back into shape.

Sometimes Daddy, sometimes Mommy and even K1 sometimes will read to Kyla girl. Her smile lights up her face when we open up books for her, and if you sing a song to her, she giggles and coos right back at you, as if she wants to sing along!
She also thinks her hands are quite delicious and has recently moved up to chewing on her thumb, too
Sometimes, Keifer's own baby Kyla needs some primping- so here, she actually brought the doll/baby up to the bathroom and wet her hair to "fix it", much like Mama wets HER hair down in the AM's to fix it. Hmm. She doesn't miss a trick.

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