Sunday, October 11, 2009

Papa(s) & Nana(s) are so much fun

The scene: our living room
The time: last Saturday
The setting: PAPA(s) and NANA(s) were in the HOUSE!
Uff-da! Busy busy busy!
Our girls are so lucky to have both sets of their grandparents alive to enjoy. Unfortunately, both sets live out of town, and we aren't able to see them as much as we all would like to, but with Skype, phone calls and plenty of pictures, we are able to keep them up to date on the comings and goings of their precious grandchildren.

Last weekend, Keifer & Kyla (and CJ and I) were so lucky to experience not one set, but two sets of grandparents in town visiting at the same time! Papa Dale & Nana Dian stayed with us, and the Soup Papa & Nana stayed with Corey & Jill (and Abby & Mason). Keifer was in hog heaven; whirling and twirling and showing off her singing, dancing and super -smart overall skills (ha). Kyla was just happy to be held and read to, and gave them all plenty of awesome one-dimpled smiles that had them all swooning over her with love (of course!).

Here's Keifer pre-dressing, showing Nana Di how much she adores her baby sister

Keifer got to go to Fleet Farm (one of her 4 stand-by shopping places she loves) with just Papa Dale. She was over-the-moon to have her car seat in NANA'S car! Oh, boy! The pride and excitement on her face sums up her adventures with Papa.

Papa's experience? "Boy, does she run a lot!" Um, Papa, that's what carts are for (hee hee)

Papa Dale & 2 of his little ladies (Kyla wasn't ready for her close up just yet)

But later, she made it up to Papa by showing off how strong her neck is and cooing away in between giggles

Nana Margie & her granddaughters: a whole lotta love on this couch! (Abby was too engrossed in some show, I guess?)

The next day, Papa Jim and Nana Margie spent a few hours before heading home. Here Keifer is doing her nebs (as she has been dealing with her respiratory breathing issues since everyone we know (including US) have all had colds)


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