Thursday, September 24, 2009

Roll, roll, roll your.....body

Kyla Whitney rolled over last night! She has been stretching her long body to the side for the last week, but last night, she had her top leg (right leg) firmly planted on the ground over her bottom leg (left leg). A few tries and she had flipped her body from back to tummy! Whoot! I got some great pics of her hamming it up to me as she was in mid-roll, as well as a video clip, but our home computer was on the outs last night so they will be uploaded tonight!
I was impressed. Kyla is doing this a wee bit earlier than her big sissy did. Keifer was about 4 1/2 months, and funny enough, she had the same position that Kyla did: the one leg over the top. Hee hee. So cute.

The down side: now we can't leave her on the changing pad on the Pack & Play alone when we run to make a bottle!

And in other GREAT news: Kyla slept 12 hours last night! *break into the Hallelujah song* It was wonderful! Ahhhhh, sleep!

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kristine said...

Woo hoo Kyla!!Isn't it amazing how much sooner things seem to happen with baby #2?!


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