Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Four months old and so worth the wait!

Our Kyla Whitney turned 4 months this past Saturday, the 19th, and really, WOW, how time does fly.
What a happy girl our baby K2 is. She is so smiley and happy and is beginning to really enjoy watcing her big sissy's antics. As K1 (and most babies) did, she loves to watch the fan go 'round and 'round, which sometimes can be distracting when we're feeding her. Lately, when I open books up close to her face so she can see, she lights up and breaks into a huge grin at the images before her. I so hope she loves to read as much as her big sissy does.

Kyla is starting to sleep for longer stretches at night: anywhere from 5-6 -10 hours on any given night. She is eating so much better since we started the feeding therapy and is still a very good burper for us! Keifer will even comment, "good burp!". Yes, big sissy continues to be a huge help with her baby Kyla and has learned the art of being gentle. She loves to shower Kyla's head and legs with kisses, as well as tickle her to make her do her belly laughs. Miss Kyla is a ticklish girl ~ when we change her clothes it never fails that she will break into her belly laugh! Ahh, what a love bug!
Kyla is growing by leaps and bounds up the growth chart! She is slowly and steadily gaining on her sister!
Length: 24 3/4 inches -- 75%ile
Weight: 13 lbs, 5 ounces -- 50%ile
Head - I forgot the size but it's the 75%ile

Not bad for a preemie baby. I looked back and Keifer was about this size at 2 months of age, so Kyla is half the size of her sissy at this point, but I know she will grow and be a long legged girl, too!

She was also SO worth the wait!
Time for that silly flash in my face!
I love this look of hers- so coy!
Mama loved this outfit that Keifer had, and is so excited to dress Kyla in it, too
A happy and so beloved baby! Can that double chin and dimple be any sweeter? *swoon*


Wendy and Karen said...

Happy Birthday darling girl!

LutherLiz said...

Love the dimple!

FinnLand said...

She may be the smiliest baby I've ever seen! Too cute.

kristine said...

Ahhh, she is adorable!


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