Saturday, August 25, 2007

She did it! She rolled over!

Here I go....
...almost over, Tizoo, here I come....
... and I flipped. Whew.
After fretting about Keifer's lack of rolling over skills (or "skillz" as we like to say on our mommy message board), she threw me a bone and did it for me yesterday afternoon! She rolled! Our big girl (which was partly why I was worried she wouldn't roll) rolled from her back, to her left side, then onto her stomach. Then, being the first time she ever rolled, she shocked me and flipped BACK onto her back again. Just like that *snaps fingers*. I was estastic! I was whooping and hollering and screaming for joy - which got her ALL giggly and smiley for mommy. Well, OK, I wasn't screaming, but I was very animated and clearly excited. LOL. Then, she did it again, and I managed to catch it on camera (pictures). Of course, when I turned on the video part of our camera, then she was already on her stomach and was stuck, and couldn't repeat the flip back onto her back -- poor girl was pooped out. But she managed to smile nicely for us and give us lots of squeals - I honestly think she was proud of herself!
You GO, girl! Work it, Keifer Lynn!! Now we're off to babyproof the house (already!). Oye. Where did my little, tiny baby girl go?
Here is the dropshot of our girl with her rolling! (the Blogger upload was over 2 hours and still not uploaded, so I gave up!)


Kristine said...

yaaay Keifer!! How exciting. You know, Graycen started crawling the day after I was "fretting" about it. Kind of funny how it works that way

Wendy & Karen said...

That's so awesome! Congratulations Keifer!


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