Sunday, August 23, 2009

MN mommies GTG!

A few weeks back, I was able to enjoy a day trip out to my good friend Faye's family cabin. Faye moved to Iowa a few years back, so it's been hard to reconnect other than through the computer these days, with all of our families expanding. I left Keifer in daycare, and packed up my littlest angel girl, and followed my friend Missy with her two girls out West. We arrived and spent 4 1/2 glorious hours with Faye and her boys and her family. With these friends, it's always as if time stands still (other than our kids growing and changing). I can talk to them about anything and I love them so much!

Faye holding Ryan, Jack, me holding Kyla, Missy with her girls Macy and Madysen

Kyla's first boat ride! I don't even think Keifer has been on a boat yet! She chose to snooze through it!
Cruising...on a Thursday afternoon....Macy, Mady, me, Kyla and Missy
Then, previous to that, I spent a long weekend in Duluth with my family and friends. I was able to also get together with my message board Mommy friends, and again, these friends are great- we're able to all get together and talk about anything- in between chasing kids and (for ME), stopping 2 year olds from grabbing toys and hitting/swatting! (*sigh*) LOL

Tonia with her girls, me and Keifer, Taryn and Camryn, Julie holding Kyla and her Holland at her feet
Holland loves our baby girl
Miss Evelyn loved doting on Kyla- here she was going to kiss her (not swing at her! LOL)
Keifer and Evelyn are both 2 and enjoyed each other when they were able to do their own thing! I love this- are they discussing life as they know it?
The kids line up - minus.....Keifer! HA!
There she was-not wanting to do anything she didn't HAVE to do!
The "littles' eat lunch in the kitchen!

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