Sunday, August 23, 2009

Girls, girls, girl.......friends

I'm trying to keep you posted on what we've been doing with the girls and our friends this summer, but time gets away from me, and already it's the end of August, and I have so many pictures to share, and stories to tell, but I'll try to keep it somewhat abbreviated.

August 1, CJ and I packed the girls up and drove North to my friend Jen's daughter Sloan's 3rd birthday party. Keifer had a ball, as the theme was "Carnival" and Jen went all out with toys, games and pools for the mass of kids to enjoy.

Here are the reunited mommies, which doesn't happen very often.
Beth, Jen (due in September with girl #2), me w/my Kyla in the sling, and Lori.

Keifer after she had her face painted- she picked out the heart all by herself, but didn't sit still long enough for the rainbow.
Cooling off in the pool- and mommy told her to keep her dress dry! The jumper was a sure hit with all the kids- we had to monitor Keifer, as she likes to swat at kids who get too close to her. Ahh, the joys of my particular 2 year old! Here she is with Lori's Isla.
Beth's daughter's Nina and Reya on the teeter totter with Keifer!
The line up! Keifer with Kyla, Nina, Reya, Isla & Sloan
Notice Keifer shoving Nina aside? "Don't touch my sister!"
Previously, in July, me and my girls packed up and drove up to my friend Michelle's (of my ECSE freinds crew) to meet up at Michelle's new home, and have lunch with their kids. We have 10 kids between us all - 9 of which are girls! Whew. Another girlie crew. We try to get together whenever we can, since we are all living within 2 hours of each other either way. Keifer had a blast exploring the new house and just watching the older girls do their "girl" things. She still wasn't interacting as in "playing" together with any of the kids, but that is her age, and she had fun while she was there. Kyla hung out and enjoyed being held and googled at.
The girls eating lunch, and Miss Keifer without a shirt- Mama knows better some days then to keep her clothes on! HA!
Louise loving on Kyla.
The girls having a dance party in the basement.
Keifer trying on Natalie's tap shoes.
Allison is the eldest and most apt to hold Kyla at this point!
Avery & Keifer were best pals (when they weren't being 2 year olds and fighting over toys,etc. LOL) Here they were last summer, and now they are getting SO BIG!!
So sad to me that they grow so fast! The attempt at a kid line - up -which, of course, my daughter Keifer refused to be a part of. As did Jerry, the lone boy!

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