Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Admiring Kyla

This summer, many people loved on our baby girl. I thought I'd share some of the faces of the friends and family who doted on our sweet angel girl this summer- as you can tell, in most of them, Kyla was beyond thrilled! LOL Hopefully that is changing, as she is becoming more interested in people and their faces these days!
Tonia (mama to be again) in Duluth, meeting Kyla for the first time
Taryn loving on our girl- Taryn, as in my friend the card maker :)Julie being reunited with our girl
My cousin's wife, Erin, who is newly PG herself! YAY! Due on Valentine's Day!

Papa and his littlest girlAuntie Annie cooing to Kyla
Another big fan: Auntie Jeanne
Cousin Aubrie was over-the-moon excited to FINALLY meet this little peanut- she laughed because she is called "peanut" by her mom, so another peanut in the family was intriguing to her!
Cousin Abby is always ready to give some loves!
Good friend Missy, also a mama-to-be again, takes a turn with our girl

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