Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh, how we love the library!

As I've written before, I'm an avid reader and love my local library. We are very lucky as ours is only 2 blocks away from us- an easy walk or a 1 minute drive. I put loads of books on hold there, and so many times, Keifer is with me as I'm either picking them up off of hold, or returning them in the drive-up book drop. When we drop them off, we always say "goodbye, books, thank you library!". Keifer loves the library for it's free kids activities and the half-boat climbing/sitting construction they have in the kids section. She loves to sit inside the boat, on the cushions and look out the round windows.

I've also gotten many CDs and movies there, and have increasingly been getting more and more of them for Keifer.

Last week, I let K1 "check out" the movies that were for her, and she did so well at it - she really seemed to catch on. It was so cute - I think I'll be getting her her own library card sooner than later!

I also love that they have a section of books for sale- Hardcovers for $1 and paperbacks for 50 cents. I have found many books to add to Keifer's (and now Kyla's) collection there, and found 2 more of them yesterday- one being super cute for preschool aged kids: Copy Cats Animal Actions - a spinner book. It is so cute- it has a spinner on each hard page, and the child can spin to an animal, where it will say "Flutter like a butterfly" or "Wiggle like a worm". For $1, I was soooo stoked! It's also going to be a good one to use at work.

A few weeks back, Keifer discovered she loved one of Laurie Berkner's songs on the show Jack's Big Music Show. Keifer rarely watches the show itself, but she loved this particular clip of Laurie- called the Farm Song (that's what I did on the farm). She had us rewind the DVR and play it over and over and over....... So, Mama went to the library website, put ALL of Laurie's CD's on hold (yep, all of 'em) and also found a DVD called We are the Laurie Berkner Band, and got that as well. Needless to say, Keifer was obsessed with Laurie this whole past week- obsessed, I tell you. Now, CJ and I can be found humming or singing many of her songs to ourselves, or singing along to the songs on the CD! LOL. Ahhh, what we do for our kids!

Anyhoo, this DVD was great, but K1 literally watched it on repeat for many food preparation sessions (by mama). I initially was fine with it, but when it was due yesterday, I did not weep as I returned it! I've also found that it has many fun songs that will go great in my classroom for work- so a great new exciting discovery for me on that front (work!).

K1's other favorite show - which we watch every morning at 6-6:30 AM (on DVR) in Daddy & Mama's bed is Imagination Movers. Ahhh, the Movers, Knit Knots, and Nina. And don't forget Warehouse Mouse.They aren't that bad (translation: annoying), and they do teach being kind, helping others, etc., and of course, they have their songs. Mama found a CD by them at the library, called Juice Box Heroes, and last night, Keifer and I had our own Dance Party 2009 in our living room! My favorite song by the Movers would have to be Shakable You - hee hee- as it really gets ya moving (aka burning the calories) and boy, does our K1 know how to shake her body now! LOL. And really, the song is very catchy and rock & roll like, don't you think? LOL.

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Piccinigirl said...

I love that she loves books and movies etc like her mommy!!!! I can only hope that my boys love books as much as I do.

as for the Laurie BB...we love her too...she makes us all giggle with her great songs. The boys just start bouncing when they hear her.



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