Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rock & Roll, Mama!

Our girl has learned to really love "rock and roll music". I taught her that the songs that make her shake her body from side -to-side in the car is called "rock music". So now, when I drive, I'll hear my girl say from the back seat, "mama, play rock music!". Ahhh, I love this girl. However, last week on our way to Baby Ballroom, I had my Ipod shuffle on and Slaughter's Fly to the Angels came on. I love this song: who doesn't? Well, apparently Keifer Lynn does not. *sigh*. She screech, "me no like, turn off, mama, turn off!". Ahh Keifer, you do't know what Monster ballads are GOOD for you! LOL

** and on a side note, I will still never forget when my friend Jess (bearer of 8 children, hard to believe, but true) got us back stage and free passes to the Slaughter/Damn Yankees concert. *sigh*. I was in heaven, I loved me my Damn Yankees. Jess gave their road manager directions in a Sky Walk and he became smitten with her (she's gorgeous, who wouldn't?), so we scored those passes thanks to her beauty. *giggle*. I loved it, as much as meeting the bands, and getting pics with them. Also, I loved that I got a huge hug from Blas Elias (drummer of Slaughter), which made my 19 year old day! LOL*

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Rock and Roll Mama said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the pic of your little sweetie in the GNR shirt! So adorable!!!

My little are 3 and 5- also have a 12 yr old. For the past week, my 3 year old has been yelling in the car, "Mama! Looka Me! I'm ROCKING OUT!!!" And when I look back, he has the perfect bass player head nod going on, just like Daddy. LOL.

I love your backstage story- how awesome is that! It's always great to find a mama passing of her love of music- nice to meet you!


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