Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Rigs & Splash Parks

This AM, we met up with our friends Courtney and Aidan for a fun hour at a local Splash Park. Keifer had a ball- and she loved seeing Aidan (even though they rarely interact, she talks about him in the car the whole way there and home). We had so much fun- although it was quite steamy out and mama worried about Kyla a bit. Luckily, she was OK in her stroller and was fine after I gave her a bottle in the shade. Keifer did great until she got tired towards the end and started goofing off. She actually ran away from me, fell down when she missed that she had a step to go down, and was Miss Drama about it. She looked around, stood up and when she saw me (that I had seen the fall) she immediately dropped to her knees again and play-acted out the fall. Oh, woman.

Here she is escorting Courtney, who is pushing her friend's little boy in her stroller.

Mama loves that bum!

Our stroller line up!
Isn't Aidan just a little doll!?
Checking each other out
Miss Kyla, snoozing away
Keifer loved it! (and mama loves that this thin, cute hat was only a quarter at a rummage sale!)
Then, last week, our friends came to our house and we walked across the street to our local library's "Big Rigs Petting Zoo". I love the library and their free activites in the summer! Wouldn't you know? Our girl, who is insane about trucks, especially DIGGERS!, was not having anything to do with climbing into the big trucks, tractors, plows and diggers. Oh well!
Afterwards, Courtney and Aidan joined us (and Nana Margie, Papa Jim, and cousin Abby) for some playtime and lunch at our house. So much fun!
Aidan taking his maiden voyage in our stroller with Keifer
The big rigs!
Aidan LOVED the Sheriff's 4-wheeler. He was kind enough to let Keifer try it out, and Abby came along for a "drive"
I adore this picture of the kiddos in the digger's bucket
Keifer said "no way" to test driving the digger, but Abby tried it out -she thought it was pretty cool
Afterwards, Aidan loved exploring Keifer's toys- and she showed him the fun ball pool
Courtney checking out one of K1's photo albums that had Aidan in it from last Fall
This was after lunch and right before a nap- hence Keifer's tantrum in action. Disregard my look- we had been drizzled on walking home from the library!

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