Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy (belated) 4th of July- 2009!

Happy Belated Birthday, USA! We had a great weekend - Papa Jim and Nana Margie (aka "Nanny Margie" as Keifer would say) came down to stay with us for the weekend. A great time was had by all- especially Keifer and Kyla: Keifer, because Nana spends so much time doing what KEIFER wants, and Kyla, because she was held and cuddled all weekend long!

Once again, the Soup family ventured to the zoo for the 4th. It started out somewhat drizzly in the AM, and that seemed to hold people off from the zoo- so we had a great time with very small crowds! The weather cleared up and was beautiful, and we left just as the sun started to beat down on us. When we got home, a major thunderstorm passed through, so we were lucky to have had such a gorgeous day there. We grilled out (steaks, etc.) and enjoyed the company of great family. Keifer and mama didn't stay up to watch the fireworks, but Nana, Papa and CJ watched them from our window and deck- we have a front row view of our citie's show!
Keifer showing off her flag that she made
Nana Marge and her girls
Papa & Keifer on the tractor at the Farm
Flashback to last year: Papa Dale had Keifer on it that day!Keifer enjoying the cows
Flashback to last year: Keifer meeting some goats
Keifer made sure to wash her hands after touching the animals - repeatedly (our girl is obsessed with washing her hands, uh oh!)
Kyla hung out and was great!
Peek-a-boo Chicken Keifer!
The Soup Family
Flashback to last year: minus Kyla!Snuggles with mama while waiting to feed the giraffe
Daddy & his girl
Mama & Keifer feeding a giraffe!
Nana bought Keifer a stuffed giraffe : she named him "Camel" (she thinks we are all named "Camel" - because, well, if you know our last name, and think about it: (pause) she thinks she is Keifer Camel! LOL)
Keifer didn't make it out of the parking lot before she passed out cold!


Nada in Australia said...

I love giraffes! They are some great pictures of what looks and sounds like great day! everyone is looking so well.

Piccinigirl said...

love all these pictures, but the one of you and K in "cahoots" ..that is a beautiful picture. Looks like you had so much fun!!!


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