Monday, July 07, 2008

The Fourth of July weekend Recap in pictures

Happy Fourth of July from our hambone girl!
Piggies! She wore these for about 2.2 seconds: she doesn't like anything in her hair-it all comes out! :(
Mama carrying K in the Ergo until we both got toooooo hot
Daddy pointing out the moose sleeping in the tall grass to K
"riding" on a tractor w/Papa Dale Nana Di, Mama and K
feeding the goats: tickle tickle on the hands a hot day and a family pic
our girl flirting with people on the tractor ride at the zoo meeting her horsie and giving it a love "awwww"
K's first time on a ride: the merry-go-round seemed the perfect choice!
Riding on a truck with daddy (she LOVES trucks and cars and goes "vroom vroom" with her lips all.the.time.)
here comes K!
Greeting her new cookie monster balloon
Num, num, num: enjoying her first taste of Funnel cake


kristine said...

Very cute! Look slike she had a great time - forget about you guys!

I wish I could try some funnel cake. I didn't know they had it at MOA!

Piccinigirl said...

OMG, how cute! what a great weekend you had. Beautiful family, beautiful weather, beautiful smiley little girl.

Funnel cake..YUM!!!!

Marketing Mama said...

Awesome pics, looks like a great time. Love seeing her in the Ergo on your back. I can't wait to use mine on the back, too. :)


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