Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family love this weekend

Because Kyla was in the Special Care nursery, we were limited on how many visitors could see her, plus they didn't want children to go inside the nursery (aka germ carriers). Cousin Abby was so bummed out about this: looking through the window was not the same. However, Sunday, Kyla got to meet more of her extended family - not that the sleepy girl seemed to notice! LOL.

My brother Darren was in the Cities visiting a friend, so he made the drive to our house to visit his new niece. Keifer was so excited for "Uncle Darren" to arrive, and sat in the window looking for his "big red truck". However, she was not too keen on hugging him goodbye!

Then, that evening, Uncle Corey, Auntie Jill, and Mason and Abby brought pizza and dipping dots over for dinner and a visit. Keifer was literally hopping around the living room, high on life!

Auntie Jill is excited to feed her new baby niece!
Treble made sure his "girlfriend" still knew he was around - he is in love with Auntie Jilly- it's hilarious. I said they must have been star-crossed lovers in another life.
Proud big cousin Abby- a great helper and friend to both Keifer & now Kyla!
Keifer made sure Uncle Darren knew where his bottle of pop (soda!) was! Notice Treble was quite excited, too :)
A charmed Uncle Darren: "she's so tiny!"
Keifer was thrilled to play playdoh with her cousins (mama stocked up on art supplies, and our girl is loving the playdoh time)

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Heather said...

Glad you have her home now and she can have lots of visitors. I can't wait for us to bring the boys home and do the same.

And kids love Playdoh! Phoebe's 8 years old and she still loves playing with Playdoh.


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