Thursday, June 11, 2009

The cheeks are chubby, but..... (*Kyla stats below*)

You see the dimple in her cheek? Mama is overjoyed that our girl has a dimple! I have 2 big ones (in each cheek) so I was excited that our daughter has one, because with me not being a "genetic" contributor, the odds were against us that Kyla would have dimples!

Updates on how things are going in our household: well, we're all very tired. Tired tired tired. Kyla sleeps most of the day away and has proved that she's a baby who is a LOUD, squeaky, noisy sleeper. We put a bassinet in our bedroom, to save her from potential Keifer escapades for now, but I'm wondering if we should've done this. I have the hardest time sleeping: every little squeak Kyla makes, I'm wide awake, checking on her, just to find her sleeping but "talking".

Keifer is still smitten. The hardest thing for her is just her age and her inability to have anything and everything she wants RIGHT NOW, and understanding WHY she can't. She so far, still loves to help take care of her baby sissy and is a proud helper.

CJ and I are having our sleep issues and are cranky parents due to the lack of sleep. Understandable, yes, but hard to deal with initially. We both came down with the cold that Keifer had last week, and I had a fever on Tuesday. I felt like death warmed over: achy, chills, etc., so I called my mom to help, and thank God she was able to come down and help. She has been a lifesaver.

Kyla is still eating every 3 hours, with a very few times where she has actually woke up and demanded to be fed! So far, CJ will be giving her the pre-bedtime bottles while I hit they hay early and then I get up in the middle of the night to feed her. I set my alarm to get up unless she cries out, which she has done a few times now.

We had her Newborn appointment on Tuesday, and our Pediatrician was concerned about her lack of weight gain since Sunday's home health care nurse visit. Kyla was 3 weeks old on Tuesday, but gestationally, she was due to come out into the world TODAY (June 11). So, on the growth charts, she is:

6 lbs, 10 ounces - 7th %ile
19 3/4 inches long - 25%ile

Dr. J. gave us a chart to use to "up"the calories in each bottle we give Kyla, even though we're already on NeoSure with extra calories. We go back tomorrow with hopes that our girl has gained weight, for fear of having to readmit her is heavy on our minds. She DOES seem to be a bit more "demanding" lately: not only has she been more 'awake' more often, but she has also been sucking more vigorously and drinking her bottles with more speed. Please pray our girl continues to progress with positive outcomes!

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