Friday, June 12, 2009

Kyla's Doctor Report

Our girl doesn't fit in ANY of her clothes-yet!
Keifer patting Kyla (in her carseat in the stroller) on the cheek yesterday: I wish it were more clear, but oh it was such a sweet moment!
Kyla and I trekked back to see Dr. J again today. Good news: our girl is up to 7 lbs, so she gained weight since our last visit on Tuesday. Whew. She said to continue our girl on her high calorie formula, and we go back in 2 weeks to do another weight check and make sure all is on the right track. Our girl did great, and has been slowly but surely improving her sucking on the bottle and with her ability to stay awake for longer eating times.
Keifer is still a great big sister, and has now taken to calling Kyla "honey", as in "ohhh, honey". It's the sweetest thing.

Nana Di has been here helping me all week, as I was sick earlier, and goes home tomorrow. It's been so nice to have 'live in help"!!!! We will all miss the help, and Keifer girl will miss the opportunity to just hop downstairs to wake up Nana whenever we want!


Marketing Mama said...

Thos pics are so cute. Kyla looks adorable in that little dress. So different seeing her in pics at home instead of the hospital. Hoping you are getting some sleep and hanging in there - those early days can be rough!

Heather said...

Isn't Keifer sweet, calling her little sister honey!!! Congrats on Kyla gaining weight and love the dress!!!


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