Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh, what a night.....*breech,baby,breech*

..I'm tired today. Tired, tired, tired. Forgive this post for being a ramble and maybe not making much sense.

So -- Keifer has been regressing lately. She pretends to be a baby when she is with me - complete with fake crying and wanting me to hold her the long way (like a baby) across my chest, which is near impossible with the size of my tummy. Poor Kyla. Going to bed was finally getting really easy with her and then last week, something switched and she's been back to a total nightmare. Screaming bloody murder, sobbing, screaming for me, etc.. once she's put in bed. Ugg. My heart. So, nap time and bed time have NOT been fun. She even has begged me to get back into the crib, but we tell her it's for her baby sister that will be here soon. Saturday, as she sat on the floor sobbing, she told me "me no like baby sister". *my heart*.

Last night, CJ had softball so it took me close to an hour to get her down for bed. Then, around midnight, he woke me up to tell me that Treble was having a seizure. *sob sob sob*. Treble has had 3 seizures now in the past year, that we've known about (witnessed). Last night's was a total fluke that we even saw this happen. You would've thought someone had told me the house was on fire- that's how fast I jumped up and ran to him in his bed, where he lay shaking/seizing. Poor guy. When he was done, he got up and went outside with CJ, and seemed OK. *sigh*. After this, I realized that my PJ bottoms were really wet. I went to the bathroom, where my pink spotting was turning into more of a red, streaky spotting, and my undies and PJ bottoms were completely soaked through with clear fluid. I started to panic - thinking this might be amniotic fluid?

Then, around 4AM or so (?) Keifer woke up sobbing, screaming, etc., so CJ got her and brought her into bed with us. Not a good idea, but we were exhausted. The thing is, when she comes into bed with us (which is rare) she has to be pretty much RIGHTONTOPOFME. I had my back to her, and she had her head pushed as close to me as possible, with her feet against daddy. It was almost comical, because CJ was snoring, and Keifer kept saying "Daddy, no talking!". "Mommy, daddy tooted!" (snorted), etc. etc. LOL.

This AM, I got in the car, called my OB direct line, called the nurse line, and eventually got a call back from the OB on call. He wanted me to come in right away, so I brought K to daycare. When I got daycare, Elaine told me the horribly sad news that her father, who has been in the hospital- his kidneys shut down and it is just a matter of days before he passes. I am so sad for her.

I also very quickly stopped at work to alert everyone of my wherabouts, and to let the team know that I would not be making it to the 2 scheduled transition meetings I had this AM. Oye.

I got down to my OB office, they squeezed me in, and my dear Addie checked me out - after they had to have me lie on my back with my hips propped so they could get a "pooling' of fluid to sample. She also did an internal, and alas, I'm only a fingertip dilated and OH MY GOSH I forgot how painful it is to get internals! OWIE!

Good news: the fluid was not amniotic fluid, but if it gets worse, I'm to call and go back in. I also have my regularly scheduled check up tomorrow afternoon, which I'll keep. The other news (bad?): Kyla is BREECH. Addie wheeled in the portable U/S machine to confirm it, and there it was, clear as a bell- her head is still upwards. No wonder I'm having so much difficulty walking from pressure/cramps. The girl has her feet pushing out towards my pubic bone! I asked Addie if she thought I'd make it until my June 11 scheduled Csection, and she said probably not.

After this, I made it back to work, where I am now, and have kids this afternoon. I'm going to try to "lay low" as much as possible. Now it is a waiting game. Waiting to see what my body continues to do and what Miss Kyla decides to do inside me. Also, deciding what to do about Treble, our beloved Tboy. Do we get him on the anti-seizure meds- but not knowing how often he really DOES seizure? Ugg. My heart is so sad for him. And, my prayers are going out to Elaine and her family right now.......


Jamie said...

Ugh! What a rough night/day! Hang in there! *big hugs*

Jamie said...

Oh boy, you have really been going through it!! Reminds me a bit of my life during my second pg (:

I too have a dog with seizures and she started off having them very rarely,then they increased and we got her on Postasium Bromide. She has been on them for 2 years. She still has seizures as no medicine can stop them from happening, but she has had only about 3 a year,they a short and no clusters( more than one in a 24 hour period). The meds are pretty inexpensive and they are are easier on the system than Phenabarbitol(another seizure med. My vet was of little help and I did the research to take to them so I could get her the tests need to be done and the right meds.

If I can get you any more info let me know (: I know how frightening dog seisures can be. Also when our dog is having a seizure I give her unsalted butter and honey (helps bring the blood sugar back up, that is a good cause of a seizure)

Vets in AZ where I live were very little help and I did a lot of research and feel we've got Harley in a good place right now (:

I hope my blabbering helped a little?? I've been keeping up with your blog since before K was born, found you from my sister in law Laura's blog (:

Good luck with everything!!

Pegs said...

Oh Carrie! I wish I could help out! You have so much going on, I just hope and pray for the best. K to be the nest big sister, Kyla to flip or hang on a little longer , and Tboy's seizures to resolve for a long happy life!! You take it easy, I know that's hard but I hope "laying low" works for at work times.

Talk soon, Pegs

Michele (Moosh) said...

I know this won't "make print" until you approve it, so I'm safe BEING THE FIRST TO CONGRATULATE YOU ON YOUR BLOG FOR YOUR NEWEST DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!! I am just thrilled that Kyla is here and well and you have an extra 3 weeks with her on this earth that you didn't think you'd have!!!!!
Love, a very proud "Auntie Mooshie"! :-)

Heather said...

Sounds like some rough times. Hang in there and try to get some rest.


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