Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kyla in pictures

Meeting my girl for the first time!
with daddy! I remember thinking: "she looks like a little doll!"
Daddy cutting the cord
Our girl needed to be under the oxygen for about an hour post- birth
Mommy reunited with Kyla at 5AM - about 6 hours after having her (notice my sweat in my hair? Lovely hormones....) Here she was in her heated bed.... and with her IV's that supplemented her fluids and glucose levels for the first 2 days.
..but she eventually got switched to a 'regular crib" - no heat needed (thank goodness)
Ohh! Is she an Elf?
Mommy loves her girl SO much
Strawberry girl
Daddy is pretty keen on her, too
Don't forget big sissy at home!
Trying to get Keifer to wear the mask : otherwise she can't be in the nursery
It didn't last long that this is the next day- seeing Kyla through the windows- her first reaction to Kyla!
and seeing Daddy is a highlight, too!
I have more pictures, but am exhausted and going to bed.....thanks for the support and prayers...she's still in the Special Care Nursery. As of this AM (Sunday) she had lost another ounce, and was on the Gtube for supplementing the feeding she doesn't finish. Our girl just needs to work on her stamina with eating.....until then, we'll be visiting her daily....


Marketing Mama said...

She is sooooo gorgeous! She looks like such a little angel! :) And little K in her mask is adorable - too bad she didn't keep it on! I hope little baby Kyla can come home soon!

Jeni said...

So many great pictures! It makes me anxious for my turn:) Hope Kyla can come home with you all soon,and I hope recovery for all is quick.

Nada in Australia said...

She is adorable. Congratulations again!. Thinking of you all.

FinnLand said...

Thinking about you guys every day. I love the pictures!!! What a cute little hat she gets to wear!

Pegs said...

You are so right, she does look like a doll!! She's beautiful. I am glad you both are doing good and prayers for her to come home soon. Take it easy and let me know if there is anything I can do for you!!

PS: I hope I look as good as you in our delivery pics (my cheeks are so chubby!!)

Bookerson said...

It is wonderful to see her! My prayers go with you guys that she comes home quickly.

Laura said...

What a beauty! I hope she's able to come home soon!


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