Friday, May 29, 2009

10 days old

Kyla did GREAT today with her feedings- of course the one day I didn't get to see her until 3:30 PM and only stayed for one feeding. My heart, my heart! I miss her so!! I have her smell on me from holding her for the few hours CJ and I were there with her, and I keep smelling it, my heart in pieces that she is not with us. But she will be, soon, I know!

She has been taking (on average) about half bottle and half tube since last night's feeding! Then, at 2PM today, she took 50cc's out of 55 by bottle! YEE HAW! When CJ and I arrived, she was sleeping, so I sat next to her and read while she slept. I hope she can "feel "that I 'm there with her. CJ and I were allowed to take her (again) to the family lounge to eat and boy, was she ANGRY with us!! LOL. She got very upset and VOCAL when we changed her diaper and the nurse checked her vitals, which made me SO happy! Someday I'll be complaining about a screeching child (hopefully), it made me smile. Her screeching means that her lungs are getting stronger.

Unfortunately, the strength didn't last as long this particular feeding. She only took 16 for me and her daddy, before she passed out. But, she took a lot today on her own, and she started out with great gusto, so the sucking IS coming along.

We just continue to pray and hope that soon, this hardship will be a distant memory.

Keifer was overjoyed because my parents picked her up from Elaine's house. Apparently she ran straight to her Papa Dale's arms with joy. They made her day even more complete by hitting Cub Foods where she got to ride in her favorite "Car seat" (the carts with steering wheels), and then they had a great night of eating and bath time. K1 (Keifer) was squealing with joy when daddy and I came home and she insisted that mama read to her good night.

As I was sitting in the rocker, while K was drifting off to sleep, I was imaging how our bedtime routine will be changing when Miss Kyla graces us with her presence at home. Oh, how I look forward to that time.


LutherLiz said...

Edward thinks this is such great news...he's even volunteered to call and giver a "pep talk" but it looks like she's doing great on her own. Yay!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hurray for good eating!

Marketing Mama said...

Such wonderful news !!! Hope it keeps getting better each day. :) Thinking of you and your beautiful family!


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