Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kyla's day 11 + video clips.....

Day 11 of Kyla Whitney - and she's still on that roller coaster. She has improved in her sucking reflex very much: she has a great "hold" on the bottle and is continuing to start out very vigorously at each feeding. She went from 40+ cc's last night, to 15 for us today. Blah. The good news is that she's back to her original birth weight- at 6 lbs 1 ounce. So that is good. My joke is that once her little cheeks get chubby, will we recognize her? (ha- huge joke as she is the spitting image of her big sissy and daddy). The nurse today commented on how much she looks like her daddy (as well as everyone else who sees them together).

Mama is having an emotional day. Today, I've been walking around with this awful ache in my chest - literally "heart ache". We had lunch in the cafe/gift shop today, and there was a group of women and their hubbies, on break from a birthing class. My PG belly at this point would've rivaled all of theirs- and I found myself subconsciously patting my bloat where Kyla used to be. I felt instantaneously sad and couldn't put it into words to let CJ understand. I don't think men will truly understand the feelings ever. Not that he isn't supportive - but it's too hard to comprehend. To him(them?) I'm just hormonal, right?

Anyhoo, enjoy some video clips from when CJ and I were at the hospital late on Thursday night and got to watch Kyla enjoy her bath: CLICK HERE.

I also have some great new clips to upload of Keifer being "reunited" with her baby sister (through the glass window) at the nursery today. Yes, mama was bawling again. And.....our big sissy got her hair trimmed and bangs CUT! YAY! She looks adorable!


FinnLand said...

Yay on the weight gain! said...

Helloooooooooooooooo Carrie,
I just want to say Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy everyone is doing great. Please give the Whole Family my Best!!!!

God Bless
Gerry & Judy Whatton & Family

Judy said...

I'm sorry, I didn't read the whole Blog before commenting.(I cheated)

You are probably tired of hearing this, but my wife went through the same thing, four times. I promise you she came through every time with flying colors.
You have a Beautiful family and you too, will feel beautiful again!!

Take Care,
Gerry & Judy


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