Monday, April 20, 2009

She did it! Big girl bed!

She did it, she did it! Keifer slept ALL night in her new toddler bed last night- and had no issues with it! WHOO HOO!
Let's cross our fingers and hope it wasn't a fluke!
She attempted to try napping it in yesterday, but that was a disaster. First she wanted to be on the floor instead, and then she just walked around and played in her room. No nap= cranky child.
When we tried to put her in her crib for bed last night, she screamed and said "no, bed!", so we reminded her that if she goes in her bed, she must stay there all night. She agreed, and I had her repeat after me "I sleep in my bed". LOL. She looked so proud of herself this AM when we got her up! :)
I have pics of us getting the nursery rearranged from Saturday and of our girl in her bed from last night...stay tuned!


thoughts and ramblings said...

AWW. YAY K!!!!

Congrats on this new milestone.

Love ya girlie!!!

Giraffe's Song said...

YAY, K!!!!!!!


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