Monday, April 20, 2009

Keifer's 2 year pics + my "belly' shots

We had K's 2 year pictures taken this weekend at Flash! in a nearby mall. We have taken her there for her 1 year pics, and her 18 month pics (thanks to great coupons!). Well, this session on Saturday was not a walk in the park. Our girl pretty much refused to do anything and we are lucky we got ANY pictures - you would never know it from the pictures that she was crying in between most shots and we bribed her with stickers, promises and cheese puffs. LOL.

We also did what is called maternity pictures - basically belly shots. I liked some of them, and really love one of them. Again, we used stickers on my belly to get K to cooperate! We ended up ordering a few of these, and my favorite is the one you'll see of the two of us standing up together- which was a total random shot that the photographer happened to catch (thank goodness).

Picking out what we wanted to order was tough, but we did it :)

If you would like to see them, here is the link:
then click on last name-
You MUST know our last name to proceed- and my first name :)

the session is 4/18/09


Laura said...

Keifer looked adorable in her green polka dot dress. I love the first set of close-ups... so cute! The maternity one of you two is super sweet, too. Good job with the bribing! ;)

Jamie said...

The pictures are adorable!! I love the belly shots with Keifer! Too cute!

I'm anxious to hear more updates about the big girl bed... I totally don't feel even a little ready to take that next step with Bo!


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