Monday, April 20, 2009

Keifer: 2 years later

Our angel girl was born on April 10, 2007, after a long day for mama and baby. We had waited a long time to meet this angel girl- a combined effort of me and Chris, with doctors, medications, and finally, our egg angel, Michele/Mooshie!
Our angel girl at 1 years old: the morning of her 1st birthday Our angel girl the morning of her 2nd birthday: playing around on mama & daddy's bed!

Mama meets her angel girl finally!
Mama & K at 1 years old at the exact time our girl was born!

Mama & K at 2 years old at the exact time our girl was born!
We took her to Teresa's , our favorite place to eat for her birthday! She was OK wearing the sombrero that day!

and she loved the free ice cream treat!
We took her back the evening of her 2nd birthday, and she was OK wearing the sombrero for a little bit, and she LOVED the ice cream treat (again!)

HERE IS THE VIDEO clip of the wait staff singing to our girl!
Little did our girl know, the next day, she was having yet another party............

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