Monday, April 20, 2009

Keifer: the birthday bash weekend

And here it is. The birthday bash at the hotel where Keifer celebrated her birthday with her family, and had the time of her life! :)

First off, this is K right before we left. She didn't WANT to get into the car to go to a hotel. She had just woken up after a very long nap, and was not sure what we were doing.

Then we got to the hotel, and she was as pleasant and excited as could be! Here she is in the kiddie pool with her cousins, Abby and Aubrie (a delight! It was completely 4-8 inches only, and had so many fun things to do for the kids)

We heard LOTS of screeches of delight!

Taking a pizza break with Nana Di

I added this pic just for the belly shot. You can see how large I am? Well, after 4 hours of being on my feet at the hotel with K -and all AM in the kitchen prepping food, I could NOT walk. This is why (KYLA!)
The Cake, the Cake! K was so excited when we showed her ELMO! Sam's Club did an excellent job, huh?Here we are singing to her! K actually used her fork for the cake this year! She loved it- she couldn't shovel the cake in fast enough!! LOL
Here is a flashback of our girl on her 1st bday, after enjoying her bday cake!
Mama attempts to wash her hands off from the food dye, as she continues to shovel cake in!
We opened gifts- so many generous family members! :) Thank you! K had a short lived attention span: she wanted to swim!
She also wanted to play on this cart with her cousins!
I love his one of my nephew Mason, and Aubrie- 2 of K's cousins (one from each side of the family)
After a fitful night of sleep (K does NOT do well when we're not home) we were at the pool when they opened it up at 8AM. Here is K taking some more splashes down the slide!
Then, we went back and had an Easter egg hunt- Naked baby found an egg inside Auntie's shoe!
We enjoyed an Easter brunch (and were so tired we didn't get ANY pictures of our girl on Easter! Blah) - here mama is cutting her food- she was ravenous from all the fun she had the night and morning before!
Our girl and her favorite pals in the whole world: her cousins: Abby & Aubrie. Doing her favorite new "thing" to do in public: show off her baby belly. Weird girl.LOL.
And that is all, folks! Thanks for enjoying our girl as much as we do!

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Wendy and Karen said...

Awesome! Just awesome. Her smile makes me smile every time.


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