Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This morning.....

...in an attempt to be "just like mama", Keifer attempted to:

*imitate me by putting her little leg up on the toilet to put on lotion (just like mama does)
*took the top off my deodorant and rubbed it along her arm - "I do it"
* just about dunked my brush in the toilet in her attempt to imitate me cleaning my hair out of my brush (over the toilet, of course). Luckily I had quick reflexes and caught the brush BEFORE it was dunked.
*tried to flush the toilet various times, even when empty, because she loves the sounds of it and being able to do it by herself.
*and.....woke up at the butt crack of dawn and would not lie back down in her new bed to go back to sleep. Oh, no. "Turn on light, mama". "Go downstairs, mama". "Watch Annie, mama". Followed by screams and crying when her attempts to get us to do just those things were ignored.

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