Friday, March 13, 2009

Let's Get Together

Two weeks ago, CJ, Keifer and I trekked to a hotel nearby and had a wonderful time overnighting it with my ECSE pals and their families. Luckily, all our guys get along famously (just talk sports and you're in) and between us, we have 9 kids (10 if you count Kyla on the way!). We try to get together a few times every few months, and usually manage 1-2 get together per year with the whole family.

We had a great time, Keifer LOVED swimming, and she also enjoyed running around the hotel hallways. She was able to separate from mommy and daddy for a little over a half hour, playing with all her new pals, before she realized mommy and daddy were down at the cocktail hour (where daddy was enjoying the free brews and mommy was enjoying some ice water! LOL). We enjoyed pizza and snacks, and good times, and then the yummy breakfast buffet on Sunday AM. All the kids were pretty cranky on Sunday AM, so damned if we didn't miss out on an opportunity to get ALL our kids together in one shot. Oh well, soon enough; maybe when Kyla gets here in a few months! :)

Keifer giving Avery a smooch goodbye on Sunday AM - Avery is about 5 months older than K- they seem to be good pals already!
Louise & I with our girls (she has two older ones, as well), and Michelle's Jerry, the lone boy of the group (Jerry will love it in a few years, I bet, with all the girls! LOL)
Some of the "bigger" girls - Madeline, Anna, Natalie & Haley
Kris with Emma, Louise with Avery, me and my monster girl, Keifer
Keifer was very preoccupied with the free popcorn (or"cockcorn" as she says! LOL)
The even "older" kids: Jerry, Allison, and Allison's friend, and Michelle
Miss Keifer, deciding if she wanted to plunge into the pool or just dip her toes- this was before daddy came down and she turned into a crazy girl!
Ahh, how I love my ECSE girls. We have so much fun together. I can't wait: our new "goal" is to go on a cruise together in about 7 years or so! LOL

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